Academic Background
My undergraduate preparation is in Political Science and French, but my graduate experiences combine the disciplines of sociology, public policy, natural resource management, and environmental science. My research tends to explore the convergence of science and society in the community.

Professional Experience
I am currently a Program/Development Officer with the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, where I work on a variety of programmatic activities (place-based curriculum, land and natural resource law, event planning, and grant-making, to name a few) and fundraising efforts (mainly grant-writing). A significant component of my work at ILTF is the involvement of community in making both program and fundraising successful. As a result, community engagement and activeness is the lifeblood of these efforts.

Prior to joining ILTF, I served as faculty at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Utah State University, and Fort Lewis College. I taught a number of courses relating to the environment, community activeness, and research methodologies. More about the courses I have taught may be found here.

Finally, I used to operate a small dog treats bakery that sells products to small venues in the Twin Cities area. This endeavor was small, with the goal mainly to better educate the community about canine nutrition and strengthening the bond between dog and wo/man.

Community Involvement
I am actively involved within the community in various ways. I serve on the Board of Directors for Green, Ink., Copper Street Brass, and the National Tribal Land Association. I used serve on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Land Trust. I also serve as a consultant for the Inuit Circumpolar Council and a member of the Advisory Board for the American Farmland Trust’s Beginner Farmer and Rancher Development Program project. Along with these more professional endeavors, I also am active in more personal interests involving animal welfare, outdoor recreation, and video gaming.